Referral - Meredith and John

WOW!! Meredith and John came into Atlanta last night and we stayed up until 12:30 watching the video. WE LOVE IT! What a fantastic job you did. Do you know what was most amazing? We ALL commented that we could not recall seeing you at all that day! You managed to capture every aspect of the event without inserting yourself into the fray. VERY IMPRESSIVE!

There are simply too many highlights to point out our "favorites" in the video. The "kids" -- and us -- will cherish this memory and can relive their wedding for years to come and hopefully share that most precious day with their children!

We are so delighted to have this wonderful memory, especially since we almost did without a videographer. Thank goodness we didn't. A superb job and thank you SOOO much for capturing what was for us, a magical and extraordinary day.

Warmest regards...