Referral - Kim and Jamie

... Yes, we were able to see the video and love it! We really appreciate how you were able to work on the ceremony part with the (DJ) sound system problems. I also am so glad that Bill was able to come to the rehearsal and get footage. It means so much because my grandmother is in a nursing home and could only come for the short time at the rehearsal and not for the wedding too. You both captured everything beautifully. We showed it to Jamie's family last night, and they enjoyed it as well. My family is more sentimental, so I'm sure there will be tears. The pictures we got were wonderful, but the video helps us remember so much more from that day. Thank you as well for all the fabulous footage from the reception. Jamie and I had so much fun that night, and we love how all of it was captured on video. We could not have asked for a better day! Everything turned out perfectly.
Thank you both so much for the hard work you put into making our video so special! It is definitely something we will treasure.